Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Summer Filled with Blessings

It's my LAST week...

I can't believe it. My time here has been WONDERFUL and I wouldn't have traded this for anything. I'll be sure to post up some pictures of the FIRST-EVER MTC REUNION that took place last weekend. It was a huge success!

One of my BEST FRIENDS, Twilla, is here this weekend (I'm taking her to the airport tomorrow). We've had a great time. She worked with the Sunflower County Freedom Project last summer, so she came to see them (and to see me, of course! HAHA). We spent the night in Sunflower last night and made the trip back to Oxford this morning.

Five more days... and I'll be on my way back to NC. I would hate to say that I'm "homesick" but I'm beginning to think that I just might be... at least a little. I am so excited about getting back home and seeing all of my friends and family.

I'm heading out Friday evening and I'm going to spend a little time in Memphis. I'm going to visit Joel Harris (a 2nd year in the program) and his wife. They're going to take me to a Redbirds baseball game on Friday night and to the Civil Rights Museum on Saturday morning. I am very excited!

I'll continue my journey home after the museum trip. The plan is to just drive, drive, drive until I get tired. I'll stop and get a hotel room for Saturday night if need be and continue with my journey on Sunday morning. The trip is a 12-hour drive and last time I had company, so we'll see how this goes. HAHA I LOVE driving, but this is going to be quite a lonely trip. I know that just the excitement of knowing I'm on the way home, will be enough to get me through.



I LOVE the Mississippi Teacher Corps program and now know that no other Teacher training program can compare. Not only is the program itself well organized and working toward a great goal of changing the lives of the children in Mississippi, but there are some GREAT people here. I've created friendships with some amazing people that I hope will last. We HAVE to keep in touch.

Mr. Guest, Dr. McConnell, Dr. Webb (Ben, Germ, and Whit).... THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have enjoyed working with each of you and we have truly been a team. You have not only helped me improve my "people skills" and working habits, but you have taught me a few "life lessons" and I appreciate it.

Class of 2005, I LOVE YA'LL!!!! I feel that I am a part of you. You are all very special and have taken me in as one of you. I hope and pray for the very best and KNOW that you are READY to begin changing lives in August. You've got it!! Just believe in yourselves and everything will be just fine.

I may be back in the spring!! I'm pretty excited about that! If so, just call me "Recruiter Girl for MTC"!!! :) The offer is pretty hard not to pass up!

Well, I hope to blog again before I go. Just know that I've had an awesome time and appreciate EVERYTHING that EVERYONE has done for me.

MISSISSIPPI... you just won't know until you try!


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