Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ask Not For a Light Load...

Wow... the end is drawing near. Yeah, I have 2 and a half weeks left, but still, that's not long at all. The first-ever teacher corps reunion is this weekend! I have been right in the midst of all of the planning, organizing, phone calling and emailing. Busy, Busy, Busy! I feel that we have worked hard on it and it will be a huge success. With this, hopefully it will continue for years to come.

I had a surprise visitor today! Carmen (who goes to school with me at Carolina) stopped by my office!!! I was so excited to see her! She is here in Mississippi working with the Sunflower County Freedom Project. I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the program for myself a couple of weekends ago and believe me, it is amazing. It is an academic based program in Sunflower County. The kids who are involved are respectful, disciplined, and by far, some of the brightest children I have ever met. The quote of the week (which was Week Three of the summer program) was this:

"Ask not for a light load, but for a strong back."

Think about it.

Freedom Project doesn't work to just hand life's lessons to the students. Instead, the students work hard and learn concepts for themselves.

From mathematics... to Tae Kwon Do....

I mean, come on, they take bathroom breaks and study THERE (That's truly an ideal time to get some kind of reading done... Might as well study this week's vocabulary words on the wall of the bathroom stall) There's no time to waste... no pun intended. *wink*
The program is wonderful and they are accomplishing a terrific goal (along with Teacher Corps): changing the lives of young people for the better, even if it means doing it one at a time. I enjoyed my stay in Sunflower! You know, that is exactly why I came here for the summer... to take advantage of all of the opportunities. Period. Life is all about getting out and trying new things... why not? The only thing that could ever go wrong is the realization that something just isn't for you. At that point in time, you haven't lost anything and you've learned something new about yourself. During my stay here, I've learned that I don't like sushi! AT ALL! That was the worst taste I have ever had in my mouth! HAHA But hey, some people love it and I just may have been one of those people... but I would have never known, if I didn't try.
So, hopefully the reunion will go well! Oh, and one of my BESTEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is coming to visit next Thursday. Twilla worked with the Freedom Project last summer and will be here to visit the staff and students. I'm excited. We'll get a chance to hang out! The Freedom Project is here at Ole Miss for the last two weeks of their summer portion of the program. How exciting! traveling two hours away from a home that most of them have never been away from... what an experience.
Still loving Mississippi... can't believe I only have two weeks left... (you never know, there's a possibility that I may be back... quite soon *smile*... I'll have to fill you in later... I'm quite excited about that also!)


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